R-Widget Service Conditions

R-Widget Service Conditions


The member has acknowledged, agreed, and consented to comply with the General Terms and Conditions for using the Products and Services (General Terms and Conditions) as specified in https://terms.readyplanet.com/15856245/general-terms-and-conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions as follows:


1. About the Service

1.1 R-Widget service is a service under ReadyPlanet Marketing Platform. It is an aided tool in measuring Google Ads advertising outcome by installing widget code on the customer’s Web Page used by the Customer for advertising. The advertising result can be measured once anyone fills the form or contact via contact channel aggregated on R-Widget, such as form, contact telephone number, LINE, and Facebook Messenger, etc.


1.2 The Customer can confirm for registration to activate by filling personal information, connect Google Ads account with ReadyPlanet, fill business information and receive widget code for installation on website by the customer at free of charge. 


1.3 The purpose for connection of Google Ads account of the Customer with the system of R-Widget service is to make the system recognize the campaign-related information, and Keyword used in advertising, and send such information to be linked with contact result via R-Widget. After that, such information is taken for preparation of statistics and reports for display of advertising result in each campaign and Keyword only. The system of R-Widget service is related to the advertising management of Google Ads of the Customer at all. 


1.4 R-Widget service is a service of which the system is designed and developed for the member’s usage sharing. After complete installation of widget code, the Customer can access into the system to view statistics of the occurred usage via contact channel available on R-Widget from making advertising campaign and to revise information in R-Widget, such as email, Tel no., Facebook Page URL, and LINE ID.


1.5 R-Widget service and the program’s element design has been properly developed in accordance with the copyright from the Service Provider. The right is reserved in R-Widget and template system not to allow anyone to copy, duplicate, modify or use in other place without written permission. 


1.6 As the program of the creation and management system of R-Widget tools is a work properly created and developed in accordance with the copyright of the Company, the Company reserves its right of indication by presence of a statement of  “powered by ReadyPlanet" at the lower level of the Customer’s website.


1.7 The Customer has studied and understood the specification of R-Widget service provided by the Service Provider as shown on the webpage https://www.readyplanet.com/16753564/salesdesk-widget and the Customer has decided to use the service with this existing specification and accepts any change which may have to the functions in the system in future by mean of developing and updating new version in both increasing and decreasing the functions, improving and developing the method of use, user interface, increasing the system’s safety, and improving and changing the service in other aspects.


1.8 The Customer accepts the Privacy Policy shown in http://terms.readyplanet.com/16649403/privacy-policy


2. Renewal of the Package and Cancellation of the Service 

2.1 The Service Provider shall send the Customer advance notification that the activating package is expiring both via email and via phone. If the Customer wishes to renew the package, shall notify the Customer at least 15-day in advance before the package is expired.


2.2 If the Customer does not wish to renew the package within the specified time. On the date of expiration of such package, the service shall be deemed terminated and the Service Provider reserves the right to remove the Customer’s account from the system within one month after the date of expiration. 


2.3 If the Customer cancels the service, the Customer can no more access into the setting system and view the report in R-Widget system and the Service Provider shall delete all information according to its deleting period. Therefore, the Customer shall save information in its other storage sources for its own use.


3. About the System

3.1 The Service Provider shall put its utmost effort to arrange the system to be stable. However, if there is any uncontrollable problem, causing the system temporarily inoperative or there is any other problem between the Customer and its customer, the Service Provider shall not be responsible for damage which may arise.


3.2 The Customer shall back up or save information and contents in its own other storage source. If there is any uncontrollable problem, causing information and contents shown in R-CRM program or in the system lost, the Customer shall put its original into R-CRM system again. However, the Service Provider shall put its utmost effort to prevent the Customer’s information from loss.


3.3 The Service Provider has provided the backup system of the Customer in accordance with the standard of the Service Provider. In the event where any serious damage is arisen, the Service Provider can restore the last backup from the system which the Service Provider has continuously improved and developed it and can restore it proficiently. However, the Service Provider has not guaranteed any damage arising in the event where the stored information is lost.


4. Change of the Rules, Regulations, and Conditions

4.1 The Customer R-Widget has acknowledged and understood all details and conditions of the service.


4.2 The Service Provider shall change the rules, regulations, and conditions of the service for the appropriateness at all time. In such case, the Service Provider reserves the right to change it without advance notice and shall not be responsible for damage arising to the member or the third person as the result of such change.


4.3 The Service Provider reserves the right to cancel the service and/or the access of information, whether partially or wholly, including relevant services in any part of such R-Widget. The Service Provider without advance notice can make the said termination or cancellation.


4.4 The Company reserves the right to provide R-Widget service to the Customer complying with the law and the Service Provider reserves the right to withdraw the Customer’s membership failing to comply with the rules, regulations, or policies of the Service Provider.